Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wedding Dash

You may never hear me say this again. Ever. But, gosh, I wish I had a PC right now... See, we work on all Macs, we have a bunch of them and I LOVE Macs. Love them. But you can't play "Wedding Dash" on a Mac, it only runs on a PC. Sigh.

Today Nathaniel & I went to Studio Edge to have a Power Plate session and Karen, the owner, introduced us to "Wedding Dash." It's a totally cute game where a wedding planner named Shannon has to design a wedding and then run it the day-of for her client/couple. There were fun options to help the bride with, like flowers, appetizers and cake. Shannon also has to stop fights between bridesmaids, gets music requests to the DJ and help the photographer set up shots, among other wedding-related "disasters" such as bee attacks and drunk guests.

Anyhow... maybe it's for the best I can't play Wedding Dash. I might not get anything else done this weekend. Till then, if you have a PC, you can check it out by going to Yahoo Games and downloading the trial version. It's totally fun. Play a round for me, please!
~ Rissa

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