Thursday, August 28, 2008

Maeion's Open House

About a year ago we were introduced by a client to a wonderful make-up artist named Maeion Bryant. We've done several headshots with her in the months to follow and today she celebrated an impressive business milestone: her new commercial space in Ellicott City!

We attended her grand opening in Dorsey Search. She is sharing a gorgeous first floor suite with J&K Hair Techniques. It's located at 4785 Dorsey Hall Rd. in Ellicott City. At her open house she previewed fall make-up colors and for the evening's entertainment, her son Louis (he goes by the artistic name Th3rd) read poems from his newly published first volume of work!

Louis's work was wonderful ~ and being a poet myself, I hold other writers to a high standard. His work was winding and sensual -- and very popular with the ladies! Perhaps at some point, he will grant me permission to share one of his poems here with you.

Besides getting to mingle with Maeion's 30+ guests, eating delicious sushi, and listen to Louis's fabulous poems, one of the other highlights for Nathaniel & I was seeing the pride and love Maeion had for her son. It was heart-warming and everything you want to believe that all children have from their moms. Louis had even written a poem to her, full of gratitude and genuine admiration.
Maeion gets a hug from Louis. In the background, Shawn Anthony.

Thanks Maeion for inviting us to be part of your grand opening party! We had a terrific time and are so happy for you.

Wishing you great success and many happy clients in your lovely new place!

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