Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sometimes I think folks imagine that all wedding vendors do is work... that photographers are constantly laboring over retouching and album designs; that florists are constantly trimming thorns from roses and carefully selecting gorgeous ribbons; that bakers are always rolling out fondant and mixing up buttercream.

Well, there's some truth in that. Most of us do work a lot.

But we all know each other and often, we like working together. There are a lot of bonds forged between vendors at weddings and parties and other events. We get to see each other in all sorts of scenarios and inevitably, we become friends.

Today we met up with several of our wedding vendor friends at Sweet Bakery & Cafe in historic Ellicott City. It was a three hour lunch and loads of fun.

We got to visit with Carla David, Vicky Johnson, Vanessa Ard, Lidia Miller, Randy Woods, Chris Sikora, Candice Owens, Ken Rochon, Christina Martin, Carole Langrall and John Paul Berry. All of them totally rockin' wedding vendors. : )

Check out the afternoon, photos by Brittany Singer, our newest addition...

Carole (center) hands some cards to Lidia (left). Nathaniel on the right, Chris in the background.

Randy and Carla share a joke.

Vanessa, far left, Nathaniel in the middle talking with Carla & Rissa on the right (cool updo, huh?)

A few of the incredible cakes at Sweet, artistry by Tracey Buchanan. She is the master of cake decorating!!! Lovely!!

Candice enjoys some chocolate cake.

This the awesome cake Tracey made for our gathering. It was soooooo good. Some of the group ate two pieces. I'll never tell who, though.

Thanks y'all for a super fun time. And for Chris & Tracey at Sweet for hosting this rowdy bunch.
Let's all meet again soon... On the job or off. : )

~ Rissa


Owner/Photographer: Vanessa Ard said...

That cake was so yummy!!! Thanks for organizing this and inviting me, Rissa! It was nice to say hello to some familiar faces and meet some new people as well!

Mrs. Elle said...

Wow! Candice has branched off!!! I'm sure she'll be a huge success.