Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moving In

So after almost four years with our wedding website, we are launching a new one. It has music, it has Flash, it has multiple scrolling galleries ~ it sings, it dances. Okay, maybe not singing and dancing. But it will be a dramatic change for us.

Launch date: this week... we are waiting for the hosting company to send it live. We were told that today -- August 19th -- was the day. By midnight tonight. (I plan to stay up and find out.)

Honestly, we aren't all moved in yet. There are still a few more photos to be added and several entire sections we are still unpacking, so to speak, in our new online home.

So this is a soft launch. If you are reading this... you're an insider. A friend. And you are welcome to look around the new site while we finish setting up.

Everyone else will wait for the official open house, but in the mean time, stop by and check out the new digs. Make yourself at home.



1 comment:

Owner/Photographer: Vanessa Ard said...

Great new sites, Rissa! I just subsribed to your RSS feed... I'm such a blogger!