Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Treats for balance

Most of the time, when it comes to our wedding clients, we meet with them a few times before the day-of, maybe do a engagement session, we see them all day on the wedding day... and then not again until we meet with them for their albums and display prints.

Ultimately though, it feels like we spend a LOT more time with our couples. Before we even start their albums, we spend hours and hours looking at their images through the production process. I'd say we spend roughly 40 to 80 hours, depending on the size of the wedding, with each couple in production. Imagine looking at folks that long... it's like you've been hanging out with them for weeks & weeks.

So, when the proofs are all done... we always hope couples come by in person to get them. We want to see you after we've been looking at you for so long!! Unfortunately, with many people these days being so incredibly busy, many couples want us to mail them their proof packages. It's a big treat for us when a bride stops by in person and we had just such a fantastic treat recently.

Carey and Matt got married on July 19th in Ellicott City and had a beautiful reception by the Bay at sunset. When Carey stopped by to get her proofs and other goodies personally, she gave us another huge treat. She actually sat down and looked through her photos. In all the years we've been shooting weddings, I have to say -- this is the most unusual treat of all for us -- getting to see a bride react to viewing her photos for the very first time. Getting to see her smile and laugh as she remembers her Day.

So I wanted to say ~ thanks Carey! Not only were you a beautiful bride, who had a wonderful Day ~ but we are so grateful you stopped to visit over lunch and look through your photos with us. It was great to catch up (your honeymoon sounded awesome!) and we hope you and Matt both love your collection of images from the wedding.

Congrats to you both & your families!
Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, health and romance together!
~ Rissa

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