Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our Dream Wedding, Part 2

This installment of our dream wedding is about drinks. Of course, Nathaniel's dream wedding when it comes to drinks would almost certainly mean the wedding was at Biltmore Winery in North Carolina. We have done weddings at wineries in this area, but on the east coast, this is very definitely his favorite.

That aside -- even though we never drink at weddings (except for iced tea or juice, of course), we always see the champagne toast and cocktails all around us. We've seen many champagne fountains and a whiskey sour fountain. Even iced tea and lemonade displays have been really fun this summer. Check out this huge cannister full of fruit tea ~ it was a wedding we photographed at Stronghold Mansion. The tea was ssooo good and the presentation was perfect for the personality of the wedding.

We recently did a wedding at Ten Oaks Ballroom with a gorgeous martini bar. The drinks were colorful and glam, and they displayed them on mirrors, which looked incredible!

Still.. I have this old school wedding fantasy of a champagne tower and have yet to see one built, poured or served in real life. You know... the stack champagne glasses shaped like a pyramid where the head waiter stands up on a stool above the tower and pours champagne into the top glass and it trickles down until all the glasses are full.

What a dramatic and lavish display that would be! I wish I had a photo of one to share so you could all see what I mean exactly, especially those who have never seen them on TV. Alas I have never seen one in person. I did find a cool link that describes how to stack and pour them, though, so check it out!

Maybe, just maybe, I will get a huge thrill in the next months, year and photograph my first champagne tower at a wedding. After all, that's why it's part of my dream wedding.

Another dream wedding drink is mead. Have you ever tried it?It's honey wine and is available in sweet, dry and sparkling varieties. It's ssooo tasty and has a backstory with weddings. In many parts of Europe it was traditional through history to supply a newly married couple with enough mead for a month, ensuring happiness and fertility. Some people believe it is from this practice we get the word honeymoon (you know, mead for the full cycle of one moon after the wedding).

Mead is available brewed locally from Berrywine Plantation in Mt. Airy, MD. Berrywine's mead is slightly sweet. We also are crazy about the mead from a Finger Lakes winery called Montezuma. They brew eight varieties of honey wine, including plum, cherry, raspberry, blackberry flavors and traditional mead in sweet, semi-sweet, dry and sparkling.

And with that, I wish you all a sweet weekend, full of popping champagne bottles, fabulous wine tasting and gorgeous swanky cocktails.

Bottoms up!

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