Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We Heart Kelly

We meet and photograph hundreds (maybe thousands, if you include wedding guests) of people over the course of any 365 day period. We love it when we get to see folks over and over, though. It's as if we become part of their lives and our pictures are woven into their story.

Kelly is one of those people. We first photographed her in 2006 when we did a set of black and white actor headshots for her. She's a friend of a friend ~ our pilates teacher Maggie is friends with Kelly, who is also a pilates teacher.

Anyhow, we had the pleasure of photographing Kelly in spring 2006 with hair & make-up by airbrush artist, Leah DeLacy. Kelly used the pictures for her acting headshots and a few to promote her pilates classes.We loved her headshots so much, she was one of four faces on our advertising to actors for the next two years. Out of the hundreds of pictures in our portfolio, Kelly's images brought us lots of new headshot business, perhaps more than any other. Many new females clients came in and said "I want to look like that blonde on the flyer!" (Thanks Kelly, for being the face of Balance Headshots!) Kelly's pictures became part of our story, part of our work ~ just as much as the headshots we did were part of hers.

Earlier this year, we were excited to work with Kelly again ~ this time, to make pictures of her with her husband, Garth. We did their portraits at Patapsco State Park. The entire shoot went so well, I could have chosen almost any photo to post here! They were a blast to work with and the images are almost ethereal. Take a look...And then Kelly needed new acting headshots. We photographed her a few weeks ago, this time in color with make-up by Kim Reyes. Kelly looks like she belongs on CSI Miami, right?
One of the things we love about our work is clients like Kelly. People we see again and again, whose images become meaningful on unexpected levels. We never know when we meet someone in life where that meeting will lead. We never knew Kelly's beautiful face ~ her stunning headshots ~ would bring so much good into our lives, not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level.

Thanks Kelly and Garth for coming back to us over and over, for trusting us with images for your personal and professional lives. I hope you enjoy your pictures for years to come & we look forward to seeing you both again!
~ Rissa

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