Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Doing Double Time

We were more than a little anxious for the latest issue of Brides Maryland to come out.

See, a few months ago, a reporter from Brides interviewed Nathaniel about his assemblage, so we were on pins and needles waiting to see the finished story! He had to go thru an interview process via both phone and email (it's hard to explain the experience of viewing a finished assemblage if you don't see one in person, they are very dramatic!). Then he submitted various assemblage for publication consideration and a few weeks passed and an editor at the magazine called for fact-checking.

Then we just waited and waited to see the article. It's like waiting for Christmas when you are a kid, it seems to take forever for the day to arrive!

Anyhow, to our surprise, not only was Nathaniel's artwork featured on page 188 of the magazine in an article called "A Work of Art" ~ but my photo was on page 205, with Ashley Riddle from Up Do's for I Do's! All three of us were at a networking party last spring at Linganore Winecellars. Honestly, I don't remember posing for the photo, but hey ~ there we are!! Ashley and I are "Rustic Chic."

So, if you're flipping thru Brides Maryland, be sure to check us out ~ we're doing double time in the magazine this month!
~ Rissa

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