Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gone in 60 Seconds

When we got married, I did my best to avoid shopping for a wedding dress by having a custom gown made. There are times tho, when I wonder if I missed a really fun experience. It must be cool to walk into a dress shop and sip champagne while an attentive sales associate ooohhhs-and-ahhhhs over every swish of satin.

Or maybe it would have been fun to do something a little more aggressive. Like go to the annual wedding dress event at Filene's Basement. They call it the "running of the brides" because it has been compared to the running of the bulls in Spain. I can only imagine.

This year's Maryland dress event at Filene's is in Towson on July 11th. That is soon. The D.C. store is having theirs on August 1st. I am tempted to go to one of these... just to experience it. They say the deals are so insane that literally all the racks are emptied in 60 seconds and that employees have to hold the fixtures so nothing topples over. Dress that normally would cost between $900 and $9000+ are on sale for $249 to $699.

Filene's website says that each store carries between 1300 and 2500 wedding gowns on the day of the sale. And apparently, brides line up outside on lawn chairs waiting for the doors to open. Some have as many as 3 or 4 helpers along, too. I have to say, those are devoted pals.

Interestingly, the website also points out that if you go later in the day, like at 5pm, your chances of getting a dress are still excellent. But be sure to go to Filene's website ~ you should read the rules of trading etiquette and so forth before you go. I was sure surprised to learn there are ways to "trade" for dresses in other brides' discard piles or even that some brides and their helpers wear matching uniforms and carry walkie-talkies.

To those brides running this year... I wish you luck! May you find the dress of your dreams for a bargain. And may you find it fast ~ it may be gone in 60 seconds!


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