Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our Dream Wedding, Part I

Yes, we are already married. Absolutely.
But we both still looooovvve weddings and always talk about our dream weddings to photograph. Things or places we want-wish-hope to come across as we go about our work of documenting weddings for couples and their families.

I really got to thinking about this after finishing my blog about the venues we've worked at. We've been lucky enough to work at some very special, very beautiful venues. A lot of them actually. I'm so grateful for that.

Still, there are a few places I dream of shooting at that simply have not come to us yet. Maybe if I put it out there, these venues or the other dream wedding stuff Nathaniel and I talk about... maybe it will happen, right? Maybe my next bride will call and say "Rissa ~ that's my wedding you're talking about!"

For me, I dream of doing a wedding at Liriodendron in Bel Air. This old mansion looks like scene from another time. I would just love shoot a wedding there. I imagine the bride is a gorgeous girl with long hair, softly swept 1/2 up, maybe to the side. She is classy ~ probably has a gown of cream lace and a bouquet of roses. Designer shoes, old wines, cake with buttercream and royal icing. I think her ring might have come from Harry Winston or Tiffany's. My Liriodendron bride is old-fashioned, charming and elegant.

I also dream about doing a garden wedding at Ladew. What incredible grounds!! My bride at Ladew is a sweet girl with a generous laugh. I imagine she's the kind of person who is okay going barefoot in the grass and is confident enough not to care. Her gown flows with light layers of silk and I see her with flowers in her soft, wavy hair. Her color pallette is lush and bold ~ to match the gardens. She's a little quirky, my Ladew bride, but that is why everyone loves her.

Nathaniel has different favorites. He loves the Peabody Library and has attended events there, but never done a wedding there. He also talks about wanting to photograph a wedding at the Walters. Actually, we both love the Walters. We've spent many happy hours wandering the halls there. And the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, too. Both of us have also heard good things about Irvine Nature Center, which offers entirely green weddings. A cause close to our hearts.

So many cool and beautiful places! Seriously, how do you ever decide?? I'm glad we got married on Nathaniel's parents' farm. If I had had to choose a place, I might still be trying to pick.

Sigh.. dream weddings. But aren't they all dream weddings, really?? No matter where they are, weddings are a day all about dreams. Dreams of happiness, beauty, contentment, fulfillment or even just plain fun. I know I was dreaming of my wedding from the time I was a little girl!

Dreaming never ends, so please stop back again...

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