Friday, June 27, 2008

That's your bag, baby! Yeaaaa!

One of the hardest things after having us photograph your wedding is lugging your photos all around town to share with friends, co-workers and family. No longer will you have to haul your proofs barefoot uphill both ways in the snow with your bare hands.

We have always tried to find cool ways to deliver pictures. Boxes and ribbons and bows and all sorts of things have come and gone. Well, we now have something better ~ something really cool. We decided to "green up" our wedding photography delivery. During a late night business meeting earlier this year we decided that we did not just want to make our business more green, but we also wanted to help other people be more green as well. Our tree promotion was the first idea and now, our packaging.

We have been anxiously awaiting these great new canvas bags and they finally arrived today. You know the great thing is you can totally re-use this bag over and over, and you don't even have to shorten it, unlike that bridesmaid's dress buried in the back of your closet!

In fact the new bags arrived just in time for us to force an associate of ours (who was stopping by for a meeting) to model them.

If you happened to need custom invitations and or graphic design you need to call Carla David Design, and be sure to tell Carla what a fabulous model she is.

Lastly, the fabulous embroidery was done by our great friend Danya of PS I Luv You.
She makes great custom embroidered clothes at the most reasonable rates you will ever find. (I loved this shirt in particular and made Rissa buy one.)

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