Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Black Ankle Winery

At a recent networking event for The Chesapeake Sustainable Buisness Alliance I was introduced to a wonderful new winery in Frederick County. In the fabulously renovated bank in Catonsville that is home to Alter Ego, I learned all about the winery and its new beginnings.
The story is truly inspiring to me because the couple that began Black Ankle Winery is in much the similar situation as Rissa and I. They have started their own business from the ground up and have taken care and lots of hard work to make it by their own standards, desires and beliefs.
Most impressive to me though, was the wine. Many of you know what a wine lover I am and I was blown away by the fact that the wine I sampled was
a) delicious
b) organic
c) from the first pressing!

Usually brand new wine from a brand new winery is not so impressive, but I invite you all to partake and I assure you, assuming you like dry wines, you will be very delighted with the wine, the owners and their story! The tasting facility officially opens in July so maybe (likely) you will see me there!


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