Friday, May 28, 2010


In a world that is overwhelmed with images, it can be challenging sometimes to keep the photos you love best close to you to enjoy. So, why not just wear them?

For several years we searched for an artist who made photo jewelry. We found a few, but no one whose work really resonated with the pictures we created. We were searching for someone special, who we could collaborate with, who our vision meshed with. And along came Lori. She is an artist based in Canada and the minute I saw her charms, I knew it was going to be a perfect match.

Lori makes photo charms in a process using thin pieces of polymer clay. Each charm is individually hand-crafted and one of kind. They are lightweight and easy to change from one necklace to another.

Here are some of the pieces she has done for us...

This piece is a square charm, about 1 inch by 1 inch, on a pink ribbon necklace. The photo - adorable 10 month old Brooke. Modeled by our fab assistant Brittany.

A charm bracelet!!! Tell the entire story of your wedding or family with a full set of photo charms. These small charms are all under one inch, with some in rectangle and square shapes and some in color and others in black & white. They are shown on a vintage link chain with a variety of metal heart charms. The bracelet has 9 photo charms and 4 heart charms, showing the stunning wedding of Amy & Bryan; modeled again by Brittany.

A rectangular charm featuring an elegant bridal portrait of Rebecca from her destination wedding in New Orleans. Shown on a black cord necklace; modeled by Brittany.

Sometimes a simple picture of a beautiful subject, like flowers or a bouquet is a perfect charm. Shown on a vintage link chain, displayed again by Brittany.

A quiet moment from Justin and Gretchen's Costa Rica wedding looks gorgeous and sentimental on this charm. Shown on a sterling silver rope chain; modeled by Brittany.

And our other terrific models - Miss Brooke Taylor - checking out her mom Ashley's new circular charm - featuring a photo of Brooke Taylor! We loved how great Ashley looked showing off her new charm with her daughter on it. Looks like Brooke Taylor liked it, too!

We are super jazzed to be offering these unique artisan-made charms to you, our clients. You now have a whole new option, a new way to keep your pictures close to your heart and with you always. This is way beyond wallet photos! It's absolutely charming! (Sorry, I had to say it!: )

~ Rissa

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Charity said...

I would love to know I can order one of these... I had one but mine broke made me very sad and have not been able to find another one. I live in Boise I noticed you said your vendor lives in Canada does Lori have a website by chance??