Friday, May 28, 2010

We were heading down the road...

and we saw the whole world roll out before us. Literally.

It was the World Guy and he was passing through Maryland.

World Guy's name is Erik Bendl. He and his dog, Nice (who was very nice, I must say), were walking through Maryland earlier this month and we crossed paths with him on the way to a shoot. Erik has walked over a thousand miles for the cause of diabetes awareness and this year he is traveling through the northeastern states. His walk began around Earth Day in Washington DC, where his large Earth Ball was a popular attraction. He's heading north now, towards Maine.

We enjoyed stopping to chat with Erik and Nice. They were both great and Erik shared a lot of his personal experience with us from his journeys across America. He has seen miles and miles of our beautiful land on foot - experiencing places and people in a way few of us ever will.

To make it even more incredible - Erik also blogs from his walks daily - typing it all up on a Blackberry. All I can say is wow- typing on those tiny keys makes him worthy of a medal or something! Nevermind the incredible feat of walking thousands of miles to raise awareness about diabetes and exercise.

You can visit Erik online at his blog, or friend him on Facebook to follow his adventures, learn more about his cause or just see if he will be crossing paths with you - so you can visit with him too.

Erik and Nice - we wish you safe travels! It was great to meet you and I hope your journey is a successful one!

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Rob said...

Great Story...I hope his journey is successful as too many people in this country are unaware of the diabetes risk.