Friday, May 28, 2010

May Eternal

Sometimes it doesn't really feel like all that long ago when Nathaniel and I were high school seniors, preparing for our individual graduations, ready to take on the world.

I mean, it was a good bit ago. More than 15 years. Gosh - where does the time go?

Still, so many things about May seem eternal. And graduates are one of them. All over you see cards and gifts for grads - and picture frames with one of two things - the cheesy shot where you are shaking the hand of your principal or dean, clutching your dipoma. Yes we both have those photos too - the ones you buy from the school or college as a 5x7 and hope you aren't blinking as you reach for the diploma. I'm not even sure where mine are... maybe at my parents' house someplace...

Or the other ultimate high school photo - your senior picture, which was likely taken the summer or fall before your senior year.

I am so ancient - my senior photos were nothing at all like the totally cool senior photos people get now. I had a black velvet drape on and one pose/one shot. It was not cute. These were the days of film photos - there was no magical Photoshop to erase blemishes or stray hairs.

Things improved a little in the five years until it was time for Nathaniel to have his senior photos... just look at these beauties. We have this little number proudly on display in the office. My favorite waivers between the shot of him in overalls posing with the large "98" and the all-white suit. And the marble-texture folio is also a fabulous thing! : )

Things really have improved since then. Thank goodness. Nowadays senior photos look more like fashion pictures than painful, stilted studio shots. And do they even make those big corny dates for seniors to pose on anymore? I hope not!

Last week, Nathaniel's cousin Jesse graduated from high school. It's crazy - I remember when I was taller than Jesse. It just doesn't seem that long ago and now Jesse is six feet tall and a high school grad, getting ready to start college this fall in Tennessee.

Anyhow... as I sit here typing this blog, our assistant Jacqueline is getting ready to leave for the day - heading to her little brother Sam's high school graduation in Howard County. Hopefully Sam keeps his eyes open when he shakes hands with the principal tonight for that photo op. : )

One day, not too long from now - I hope Jesse and Sam can look back and remember their senior year and graduation as one of those awesome milestones and truly cherish the memory. And hopefully, they also have some silly senior photos and hand-shake shots to mark the occasion.

Congrats to all the grads of 2010 - we wish you all your dreams come true ~

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