Thursday, April 22, 2010

Saving the Earth=Business as Usual

Some things about making your business - and your life - greener are really easy.

As traditional light bulbs burn out, replace them with compact fluorescent. Recycle paper, glass, metals. Buy recycled paper products for office & home. Use recycled paper business cards. Compost food waste. Use cloth bags at the grocery store & for other shopping. This is all good stuff - and everyone knows it. Hopefully everyone does it, this is the easy stuff that makes a big difference for us all.But what about when you begin to get into other more job-specific areas to photography... like the cases you deliver discs in to clients? That's a little trickier.

Oddly, client often have strong opinions about CD/DVD cases. We have tried different things over the years and some have been more popular than others. One or two clients have called to tell us that even though they loved their pictures, they didn't like the disc case it came in. A few others have called to tell us they loved their disc cases. Go figure. So we try, try again and hope everyone likes the cases their photos discs arrive in.

And now, we are going to green our CD cases. Hopefully everyone likes the new lines as much as we do... Introducing the better, greener CD cases!

First, we want to show off the new disc cases we will be using for our brides and grooms. These are stunners.

These incredible CD/DVD cases are handcrafted by a company called Loktah using organic paper and beads, harvested from sustainable sources. The covers of each case are coated in beeswax to preserve the quality of the the handmade paper and Loktah products are all archival quality. We love these new cases for our wedding clients. They are an elegant and green way to store your memories of your perfect day. (As a sidenote: the Loktah cases were
photographed by our new assistant, Jacqueline! Great work!)

Not getting married? No worries - we have other eco-friendly cases for you!

We are also trying out a few other new disc delivery cases and envelopes. 100% recycled paper hard-side envelopes and plastic cases will be delivered to headshot, commercial and family/pet clients. They aren't as glam as the cases we got for the wedding clients, but hey - you only get married once. The paper and plastic cases are durable and can be reused by you - our clients - after you have safely stored your discs. So share the love and get loads of use out of your new green case as you share photos, files and music with friends and family.

A little flashier.. little sexier - disc delivery for my boudoir clients. Boudoir pictures will be delivered in bi-metal cases - which means you can recycle them if you don't want/need to reuse them. But they are so sleek - they look super cool. Why not find another use for them - like holding small jewelry or even on your desk for paperclips?

We are always on the lookout for new and awesome green products... if you see a better disc delivery case in your eco-travels, please tell us. We want to know!

A friend recently told us about a 20-disc CD case and matching 36-print photo album made of recycled aluminum with a recycled rubber closure. Super fun - you have to check it out! What a great way to store prints and discs.

And hey - while we are talking green (it is Earth Day today, after all) - we'd love to share a few of our favorite green office supply companies with you... use them at your workplace, too! Help save the Earth, doing business as usual.

Greenline Paper Company, fast service, great products for the office, like mailers, pens, etc.
Greenerprinter, incredibly professional- reasonable prices on recycled paper biz cards
Green House Framing, stunning handmade frames from recycled materials
Sustainable Websites, power your website with wind energy
CD Recycling Center, dispose of old discs responsibly
Rapid Refill, reuse ink cartridges and save landfill space

Looking for more green options for your home or business? Check out Green America or Treehugger. They really have it all. Planning a green wedding or special event? Be sure to visit Green Bride Guide, of course! And then swing by Eco-Beautiful Weddings, a new e-zine.

Happy Earth Day, everyone ~

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