Monday, April 19, 2010

Left Stronger

While we are best known for our beautiful weddings, sexy boudoir picts and elegant portraits ~ balance has range. Plenty of range. In fact, we recently did some promo picts for a great Baltimore band called Leftstronger.

Leftstronger is an amazing band that performs all original music in the style of Alice in Chains, Shinedown, Creed and Soundgarden. We had the chance to preview their album "So Close" at the studio before the shoot and we loved it. The sound is like something you'd hear on the radio and sing your heart out to while you're driving your car.

From their website: Leftstronger's music combines all the elements of great, radio-friendly rock and roll: catchy hooks, hard-driving rhythms and strong vocal harmonies. Singer/song writer, Jesse Magee uses his amazing vocal range to dramatic effect and has been said to be the best singer on the East Coast. Jesse's songs all have meaning, so they resonate with fans after only one play. The memorable melodies are enhanced by the guitar solos of the extraordinary Rob Holt and drum solos by award winning percussionist, Eric Steven. Jesse and Rob performed in front of 60,000 people for the largest Earth Day Festival in the nation at the National Mall in DC. Leftstronger has performed many times at excellent venues in the Baltimore/DC Area, including headlining Rams Head LIVE! …always with an incredible response!

Jesse, the lead singer and songwriter has accomplished all this and more despite his personal challenges of being legally blind and having cerebral palsy on his right side. His talent speaks for itself and nothing will stand in his way of his success and being a role model for others.

From left to right... Rob Holt, Jesse Magee, Eric Steven and Spencer Jozwiak.

You can visit the guys on Myspace or You Tube or check out their interview on ABC Channel 2.

Leftstronger has played many of the clubs with in Baltimore. All players are in their 20's and extremely professional, dedicated and reliable. The band is awesome ...with Jesse at the helm, his amazing song writing and vocals, range and pitch-that are rarely heard in this area.

We had a fantastic time working with the guys at their shoot! Definitely check out their free downloads online!

You can hear them live at Rock in My Town on Friday, May 14, 2010 at the Timonium State Fairgrounds. Be sure to check the Leftstronger website for more details!

Wishing you guys all the very best!
~ Rissa

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death by guitar, I love it