Sunday, December 7, 2008

the Wine Jester

Sandy Navarro is a character. There is no other way to think of her. She's led an incredible, rich, fascinating life and has more stories to tell than women four times her age. Life has led her from South America to Hong Kong to Wall Street and now, to Baltimore.

We met Sandy recently as a hostess at a wine tasting. She is the Wine Jester and runs a small business where she leads the most fabulous and FUN, non-pretentious wine parties you have ever seen! Don't get me wrong, Sandy knows wine. It is her passion. She researches wine, studies wine, knows wine-makers, eats-sleeps-breathes wine. Her knowledge is extensive and impressive.

More impressive, though -- her lightness, her sense of humor and her ability to truly select the perfect bottles to rock a party. Sandy's belief is that wine shouldn't be so unapproachable. And I can totally relate to this. We've met various wine experts before in our travels and some (not all), managed to make me feel like a clown because I didn't taste oak or cherry or plum or whatever in the wine they gave me. No one outright called me a moron, but you know, you can see that look people get. You know what I mean, right? Sandy just loves wine and wants her friends & clients to share her love. She can find great things to say about $20 bottles of wine, not just $400 bottles of wine. Her excitement about wine isn't just for people who live in mahogany-paneled drawing rooms. It's for the rest of us, too.

Between the two of us here, Nathaniel is the wine guy. He drinks wine, knows more about wine, has more experience with wines from different regions and such. I just know I either like a wine or not. I can't always explain it. What's cool about Sandy is that at her parties, she doesn't judge on your experience or lack of experience with wine. She's witty, warm and the perfect person to make even novices like me feel excited about wine.

The business is a new concept, and we recently met up with Sandy and did some promo pix for her to help promote this new and totally fun service she offers. If you are having a holiday party, bridal shower or other gathering -- even the cocktail hour at your wedding -- consider bringing in the Wine Jester to amuse and entertain your guests with wine. Oh -- She also comes with a posse of male models in tight shirts called the "Winendales" that serve the drinks. Bonus.

Best of luck to you Sandy! We think you're the coolest!
Oh - and Nathaniel is still talking about that Shiraz you gave him...
~ Rissa

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