Thursday, December 11, 2008

My employees, the worms

I am a big fan of my friends the worms. They turn my leaves into beautiful compost, which make my plants very happy and healthy.

Composting is easy. Sure you can buy fancy compost balls or bins, but I prefer a much easier method. I have a corner in my yard where I pile my kitchen scraps and yard waste in a big pile. Every couple of months I mix it up a bit. Last years leaves are now a great big pile of dirt. So this year as I raked my leaves into a great big new pile, I spread the compost from last year over my garden. It is hard to imagine using a rake right? I can't stand leaf blowers and honestly, it took me less time to do it manually and I don't mind the excercise.

The thing to remember with kitchen scraps is that only raw, uncooked scraps go into your compost. Eggshells are fine but no meat or cooked food. Meat and cooked food will compost fine but it will also attract rodents. So if you want to boost your blooms and buds, don't send your leaves, yard waste and broccoli stems to the dump, turn them into beautiful rich dirt, and get your hands into it!


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