Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Laughing is key. You gotta have fun, or what is life worth, anyhow? We recently photographed a couple that really, really get this: Lynne and AC.

See, we knew Lynne. We photographed her and her twin sister, Leslie, a few years back, and before that, I did Lynne's acting headshots. Lynne lives near us in Catonsville, so we run into her around town -- usually at the local Indian place. : ) But we hadn't met AC yet, so because Lynne is friend and was one of my first clients almost a decade ago, we definitely had to check him out. Needless to say ~ he passed our test in under a minute.

Not only were they have loads of fun on their photo shoot, but Nathaniel & I were laughing so hard at all the hilarious-ness between them, we could barely focus the camera. At one point, I had to stop shooting, I was literally doubled over in a stomach cramp because I was laughing so much. What a ridiculous problem to have, right?

Lynne and AC were incredibly funny interacting, but they were really sweet too, and so thoughtful of each other. After the shoot, we all sat down at Sarah & Desmond's Cafe to chat (and laugh some more) over coffee, tea & muffins. We heard tales of their trip to Texas, how they met and how Lynne's dad reacted to AC's long hair. (Nathaniel can relate!).

Thanks to you both for a riotous good time and all the belly laughs! Oh -- and we have a few more of your picts on Flickr, check them out, everyone -- they are too cute!

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Anonymous said...

RISSA and NATE! You bring out the hilariousness in people. We had such a wonderful time with you guys, and we LOVE the pics!