Saturday, January 25, 2014

One Secret to Success...

2014 marks balance photography’s 10th year with the Catonsville Chamber of Commerce and our 14th year in business. We have been doing the Chamber's photography since 2008 and won their President's Award in 2009. And this year, at the Chamber's 1st monthly meeting, Nathaniel was able to stand before the group and share a little bit about why we are so loyal to the organization.

Chamber Director Teal Cary talks to the crowd.

from his speech...
"More of our jobs come from direct person-to-person referrals than any other source. In 2013, 17% of our jobs came from Chamber referrals ~ our largest source of referrals overall!

Back when we first joined the Chamber in 2004, we expected instant results. We thought that joining our local Chamber of Commerce made us more "professional and serious" than other photographers. But oddly, that  membership alone didn’t result in phones ringing off the hook. In fact, we mailed in the check and nothing happened.

It didn’t take us long to discover that real people make decisions based on real contact

We became involved, volunteering for bag-stuffing before the Arts Festival and Frederick Road Fridays, joining committees, and attending networking events. We met wonderful people who have hired and referred us for years. The Chamber has brought us all kinds of jobs – headshots, political events, family portraits, commercial product shoots, food photography, and weddings, parties and galas.

More than any other group of people we networked with in the past 14 years we’ve been in business, Catonsvlle Chamber of Commerce members have provided our company with a steady stream of quality clients and referrals. Even many individuals who move from Catonsville area businesses continue to send us jobs from the new companies they work for within the region."

Nathaniel giving his presentation. Cameras DO make great accessories, by the way...
 In short, balance would not be the vital, successful company that it has become without the Chamber or its members. We are grateful to Director Teal Cary, as well as ALL the good folks at the Catonsville Chamber for their continuing support of our company and the other outstanding small businesses in our town. 

~ Rissa

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