Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Love for Oprah

There was a time when the Oprah show ruled, well, everything. It seemed like any book, food, person who made it onto the Oprah show or into her magazine was instantly "made." Just look at Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz. Know what I mean?

One of our headshot clients, Tamara, recently had her headshot and profile featured by Oprah! All we can say is WOW!!! Super exciting! Tamara, we hope that this experience helps bolster you too - both in your career and personally. How many folks can even relate to something this awesome?

Thanks for sharing the photo, Tamara. This "backstage" peek into an Oprah production is very cool, too!

Want another look at Tamara? Here's one of her lovely headshots, with hair and make-up by Maeion Bryant.

Congrats, Tamara!
~ Rissa

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