Friday, May 18, 2012


We love to thanks our special clients, like brides & grooms. And finally, we've come up with just the thing to really express our gratitude: chocolate. Not just any chocolate, but organic, locally-made truffles, designed just for us by the amazing chocolatier at Truffles by Emily in Owings Mills, Md.

These little beauties are delicious. Each one is lovingly handmade by Emily herself - and decorated with leaf artwork. You bite in and the soft ganache middle greets you with the sweet blend of espresso and raspberry. Mmm... I could eat a whole box myself. I just might.

Not only is are these tasty, but they're also dairy-free and veg-friendly. Which means that more folks can enjoy them. We adored the short and recognizable ingredient list of real food!

And of course, being green, the box is eco-friendly!!! Each hand-made container is created from cacaco leaf paper and 100% recycled box board. The boxes are made by artisans in remote villages around the world - creating jobs and fair wages for hard working communities. The company, Distant Village Packaging, is providing more that just great eco-friendly and sustainable products. It is a sustainable model that supports real people in many ways. 

A big thanks to Truffles by Emily - we are so excited to share these special chocolates with our wedding couples and other clients!


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Jes said...

YUM! This is a wonderful gift and I love how it's local and the boxes are well-sourced. Great ideas ;)