Friday, March 30, 2012

So Fresh & So Green!

Big news at balance photography - we've re-launched our headshot site! It is the first major redesign to the site in nine years, which is like a 100 years in internet-life. We have a fresh new logo, fresh new work and a fresh green website.

The logo came first and informed the style of the overall new look for balance headshots. We love the bold color and graphic elements in this new logo - done by Rachel Cowgill of Moofish Design. She did our original site, and on this update, proves her incredible prowess as a designer once again!

The site itself was created to showcase our current portfolio, as well as reflect our core values as a green company. Rachel was able to seamlessly fit these elements into the homepage, too. The background is an actual nature photo shot by Nathaniel. It makes a statement without overwhelming the main imagery or other design elements.

And the heart of the site - our new portfolio!
For ease of use, it is split into six basic categories: Women's Headshots, Men's Headshots, Children's Headshots, Commercial Food & Products, Corporate Headshots & Interiors and Corporate Events. Now, you can click on exactly what you want to look at, without sifting through any additional images.

Each portfolio page opens as a "mini-site" of its own, so that each you can find exactly which page you were looking at without having to watch a Flash-type slideshow.

There is also an extended FAQ page, staff bios & headshots, and a full copy of our complete eco-philosophy. And - The site was created to be iphone and droid friendly. So you can check it out while you're on the go!

We hope you'll visit the new balance headshots site! We're pleased to be sharing our latest work with everyone - it's fresh and green, just in time for spring!

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