Saturday, March 28, 2009


Recently I learned that MIA has more than one meaning. In addition to being a gorgeous woman's name, Mia, it can mean "Missing In Action" -- which is the abbreviation I've always know. But is also short for Miami, as in Miami, Florida ~ the hottest city on the east coast. I'm going into all this ridiculous detail for a reason. Bear with me -- I do have a point.

In my mind I have written about a hundred blogs since the last one, but none have made into reality. We've definitely been missing in action here. And MIA is also appropriate because we spent a portion of this past month working in Miami, FL. So, yea, we've been MIA. Partially in MIA. (Though I haven't met any women named Mia in the process...)

So at the beginning of March, we had just finished our four February weddings (as some of you know, Nathaniel did one of those in Costa Rica! More on that from him, though...) and all the carry-over from the January wedding shows (consults and such). 

The beginning of March saw Baltimore under a blanket of snow. But in Miami, it was in the high seventies with clear blue skies and white crystal beaches.

We packed up our cameras -- and Brittany, Carole (from a Garden of Earthly Delights) and Ashley (from Up Do's for I Do's) and headed south. We did 14 shoots as a team in 3 days. I think it may be 3 of the longest work days I have ever been through. And one of the most incredible experiences ever! We had models and clients, a closet full of designer gowns, pearl jewelry on loan from Kim Reyes Wearable Art, more jewelry on loan from Kourtney Pulitzer (granddaughter of Lily Pulitzer!), and of course ~ the incredible floral creations of Carole and the always gorgeous hair & make-up stylings of Ashley!

After all this work was done, we hit the beach. South Beach, that is! It was my 34th birthday and we celebrated by lounging around and -- honestly -- getting sunburned. 

A few other highlites of the trip: hanging out with Leslie Gray Streeter! Leslie has been one of my dearest friends for almost two decades now. We met in York, PA when we both worked a small newspaper there. She's now a reporter in West Palm Beach and is generally a local celeb there. Always cute, funny and smart, Leslie is the best pal a girl could want! And she and Brit treated me to a wild backless dress for my birthday, as well as a fun night out in Miami Beach! Another highlite for me was  the incredible and cheap Cuban food. The flattened, grilled sandwiches were ssooooo good and if I could get away with it, I'd probably live on fried plantains. But really... the best part... being in a beautiful place with Nathaniel and everyone else. Nothing quite as cool as getting to work and play with the love of your life and some of your bestest girlfriends.

So we've been MIA. But we're back and back at it. Stay tuned... more is on the way very soon!
~ Rissa

PS We've also fallen in love with another MIA. It's MIA radio out of Miami. We play it all the time in the office!

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