Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why I love the USA

Seriously, can you imagine another country where it's legal to make your President into an emo kid? Love that Freedom of Speech amendment!!

He kind-of looks good with this hair. Wonder what other world leaders would say...? I know the girl at Office Depot would love it. She was so busy on her cell phone talking to someone about "how fine Barack is," that she could barely make my copies! With all that giggling, you'd think he was gonna pick her up after work and take her out for dinner. (I suspect this was not the case, tho...)

For all you ladies that love Barack, this one's for you!
~ Rissa

PS I did not do this Photoshop job! I wish I knew who did, but instead found this randomly online with no credit of any kind. Love it tho! Laughed for quite some time on this one!!! Did you Photoshop this picture???

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