Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving, from all of us

It's so simple in the course of everyday life to lose site of what we are grateful for, the things & people that inspire us. We become wrapped up in our routines, errands, beltway traffic and other elements of our own personal drama. Like tunnel vision, reality closes in tightly and so many people forget the good parts.

We are all reminded at least one day a year to give thanks. To give thanks for a bountiful meal with friends & family, to give thanks to the brave men & women who founded our great nation. And to give thanks for turkeys. Gobble, gobble.

But gratitude is a deeply personal emotion. To explain what you are grateful for ~ what moves you and motivates you, what makes you get up in the morning and puts a spring in your step ~must be done in one's own words.

So this Thanksgiving, the four of us at balance photography are going to tell you - each in our own words, what we are grateful for this year.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all~ we wish you a peaceful and bountiful holiday!

It seems that everyday I find myself “wanting” something (and I’m positive I’m not the only one... haha) And with all this wanting it’s very easy to forget about everything I DON’T want…because of things I already have. I could go on for days – but I’d like to give thanks for all the things I don’t want –

First of all…I don’t want another Prince Charming. Ryan Eby is easily the greatest and most influencial thing that has ever happened to me. “Love of my LIFE” doesn’t come close to expressing the insane amount of love and admiration I have for him. He inspires me every single day, and without him, I wouldn’t have SO many other things in my life that I “don’t want”….LIKE….

My New Job!!!! Well…not so new anymore…and of course I’m referring to balance photography and more specifically Rissa and Nathaniel. If it weren’t for Ryan, I would have never found myself living in South Baltimore in a great little row house for an insanely cheap rent. I’m so grateful that Ryan got Ashley Riddle’s card for me, and I gave her a call after thoroughly exploring her website (Up Do's for I Do's) which directed me to balance boudoir…which quickly prompted me to fall in love with Rissa’s incredible work, then Nathaniel’s..respectively (as he does not help on boudoir shoots ;-) ) I wrote her an e-mail expressing my admiration and awe of her pictures, and since I was referred by Ashley they expedited my initial interview and hired me that day. I was say the is my passion in life. I never imagined that just 1 year out of college I’d be “living my dream”! Corny but true…Rissa and Nathaniel also inspire me everyday, encourage me to be better, and let me express myself through graphic design and photography. WOW – I couldn’t ask for more! Ooh but the icing on the cake – they are absolutely AWESOME and spending time with them is like hanging out with my best friends. And you know I’m not blowing smoke up your butts… I Love You guys!!! Thank you for letting me live my dream!

Something that I’ve never wanted – another family. My mom and dad have molded me into the driven, successful person I am today. My dad is the hardest working man I’ve ever known (although Ryan’s a veryyy close second) We drive each other crazy sometimes..but that’s because we’re both perfectionists and are almost exactly alike…Oooh and neither one of us is EVER wrong ;-) My mom has never let me down..she will bend over backwards, go out of her way, cancel her plans, whatever just to make sure me, my brother and my dad are happy and comfortable. It’s never gone un-noticed to me, though I may not have always said it – I’m thankful everyday for the love and goodhearted kindness she has instilled in me. And my brother…haha…my 13 year-old brother…well I love him very very very much..even though I definitely don’t say that enough because we are usually pushing each other's buttons and bickering.

And to wrap it up…I don’t want another little beagle – Sierra has become my baby, and I didn’t think it was possible to love a dog so damn much…but her big floppy ears and sad eyes warm my heart!

On a quicker note – I’m thankful for cookies & cream gelato, Chik-Fil-A, garlic knots, my new engagement ring(!), my amazing gym, my good health of course and being born in the grand ol’ U-S-of A!!! Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!!!!

As a college student, I feel like people think I'm supposed to be "having fun" and "living only for today." Carpe diem and all that. And of course, keeping my grades up at the same time. Unfortunately, I usually find myself impatiently waiting for every class to end and every Monday to go by faster; I'm always impatient for Saturday.

I had to change something in my life. I decided to start a ritual for myself: thanking God for the falling leaves, for 50% off sales, for an extra hour of sleep. Little things I am grateful for.

Don't get me wrong. I still count down the seconds on the clock until my algebra class is over, but I have a better appreciation and more love for each day and each little miracle that passes my way.

Some things I am grateful for... living in a country with Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion; toilet paper (ha ha... but seriously...); my roommate; the smell of garlic simmering in olive oil; the chance to attend college and be educated; Italian food; photography; wedding cake and dark chocolate; people who care; every little thing that reminds me how much bigger life is than our human stresses.

Blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving!

Every moment is a blessing. Everywhere I look, there is something or someone to be grateful for...
Warm towels right out of the dryer
Houses with heat, AC, electric, plumbing
Lochrima (our greyhound)
Seashells found on the beach
Hot green tea
My grandmother's laugh
Working side-by-side with Nathaniel everyday
My Nikons & all the other fun toys we play with
Soy candles ~ available even at Target now
Our clients
How easy it has become to find veggie burgers at restaurants
Burts Bees almond hand cream
Word-find puzzles
The sound wine glasses make when they clink during toasts
Volunteers. All of them ~ Red Cross, Animal Rescue, Crossing Guards ~
Cookbooks with color pictures
Sunrise light
Hearing someone's good news
Homegrown veggies from the yard
Kitchen timers
Long dangling earrings
Photoshop actions
Avocado sandwiches on wheat toast
Pink cell phones, fluffy slippers and lip gloss
The scent of cookies in the oven
High heels
Pottery made on a wheel
Talking with a friend for hours
Calculators (thank heaven!)
A goodnight kiss from Nathaniel
Public parks
Nurses, Hairstylists, Vets & Accountants ~ I would be lost without your services!
Mac laptops
Fresh flowers in a vase
Our time with Brit & Josiecat
All the branches on the road that landed me here, today
Food Network & History Channel & remote control
Silly plush dog toys -- and dogs in sweaters
Down comforters
Books -- lots and lots of books
Old mosaics
Art & Music in public schools

I am so grateful to wake up every morning, living my life. My job is amazing, my husband is incredible and always by my side. We have a home we love, a cute little car and a totally sweet dog. On this holiday, I wish everyone good health, good fortune and a wonderful meal with someone (or someones) you love.
Happy Thanksgiving ~

Little things in life make me happy. Little things that happen every day that many people take for granted. I am thankful for everyday life.
Hot coffee in the morning.
Warm grilled cheeze for lunch.
Good conversation and wine.
Cast Iron griddles and skillets.
Fresh lemonade.
Sweet scented candles.
A warm bed and a snuggling hound dog.
A woman who treats you like a king.
For people who smile and laugh with me at the post office when everyone else is grumpy.
For teenagers who have respect.
For the mailman and ups man who always wave, smile and say hi.
For friends who call just to chat.
For teachers with passion.
For flowers.
For art.
For love.
For being loved.

The things we have in our lives are amazing. Our wealth is beyond any I have ever seen in any other part of the world. It is amazing how we come into this world in a place we didn't choose. I count a thousand blessings daily for being an American, having the opportunities and freedoms that go along with that.

The thing I feel the most blessed and grateful for is my family. Even though they are 700 miles away I think about them every day. No matter where I go their love is with me and my love with them. Each one has shaped and influenced my life in some way and is a part of me and who I am. So if you think I'm crazy you have these people to blame! I see the faces of my family and take their spirits with me wherever I go. They are my source of unconditional love and there is no end to the love in my heart for them.

Although most of my family is down south, the most important part is right here with me, my wife. I am grateful for her loving me in all my craziness. I am so lucky to have such an incredible woman by my side.

I am grateful to be free to follow my dreams and live them every day of my life. To do what I want to do, be who I want to be, have the family I have, and walk through life with my incredible wife, I am the luckiest man I know.

The Corn Family, photo by Jack Corn



Brittany said...

This blog was amazing!!! you know it brought a tear to my eye...and several to my mom's hehe. i love how similar both of yours are...makes me smile :-) hope everyone has a wonderfulllll day and i love you all!!! :-DDDD

Josephine Ioime said...

I second that! This blog is so beautiful. :] Life is so awesome.*sigh* You two helped me realize that-- it's about loving who you are (however crazy you may be), what you have, and everyone around you. I'm thankful for you.