Monday, November 24, 2008

Italian Food and Supermodels

You always hear stories of supermodels being "discovered" in the grocery store by some fashion mogul. Every girl has heard this story and secretly always wishes that one day out of the blue it would happen to her. The truth is that this rarely ever happens. One out of 10,000 girls is actually found this way. The rest have to claw their way to top on an empty stomach.

But seriously, that one that is "discovered" is amazing. They photograph like magic and there is something about them that captures you when you look into their picture.

Enter Bridgette. She was out with her family eating dinner at Chef Paolino (our favorite Italian place) Little did she know that Rissa and I saw her from across the room and couldn't stop talking about how stunning she was. We think you will agree she has supermodel written all over her.

We had to photograph her. And we did. We got to her first. So when you start seeing her on the covers of fashion magazines and in advertisments, remember -- you saw her here first.

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