Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cocoa and Moving Boxes

Feels like it has been quite awhile since I've visited here.
It's all good though... we've been traveling, a lot, and more soon on that.
And we moved into a new office/production space!

Josie, Nathaniel & I, as well as Brittany's fiance´ Ryan, spent all day moving boxes and furniture and filing cabinets up to the new place. It's strictly for work, not for shooting or meetings. But wow ~ we love it already. So much room! We all will have our own personal workstations now. And 3 different rooms for computer production, office work and hand-assembly. We've never been able to spread out this much and it's really exciting.

Nathaniel spent a good deal of the evening converting a closet into dream-storage for negatives, hard-drives and back-up CDs. Josie was totally awesome and cleaned the break room and kitchenette area, as well as making something like 5 million trips up and down the steps with a decade worth of negative cases. And thank goodness for Ryan ~ he helped Nathaniel carry in desks, cabinets and a huge wood & steel worktable.

We'll post pictures soon. As soon as we wade through the boxes. : )

For now, Nathaniel and I are drinking cocoa in the new office. Lochrima is asleep on the floor by the new bulletin board. We'll hang it up tomorrow. No need to disturb the chill mood...

Hope you are all having as incredible a day as us!
Till soon


Owner/Photographer: Vanessa Ard said...

Good for you all! Congrats!! Where's this new space or is it hush-hush?

Kristen said...

Congratulations, guys! That is absolutely awesome.

Up-Do's For I Do's said...

Yay!!! Can't wait to see this :)