Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Introducing... the Flower Goddess

This is one of those posts for GIRLS only... I'm going to write about my boudoir photography, so consider yourself totally warned ~

And now we move along to the good stuff.

balance has been formally offering boudoir photography for about a year though I have been shoot it quietly by referrals for almost a decade. Last spring we launched an all-boudoir website and it's been really popular. There's nothing as satisfying as empowering a woman by holding up a mirror to her true beauty. That's what I see happen so often with boudoir photography and I just love being part of that, of being able to give that to my clients. Almost every girl who comes in for a shoot ends up telling me how amazed she is and how she didn't know how pretty she was. (Girls... everyone else around you knows how pretty you are! Really!)

But I'm never satisfied to sit still for long. I always want to stretch the creative limit and find a new way to see beauty. Enter the Flower Goddess...

In collaboration with Ashley Riddle and Carole Langrall, a new kind of boudoir shoot has been born. One where we dress you in flowers. What could be more exquisitely feminine, more sensual, more absolutely gorgeous than a stunning woman and her favorite flowers??

To test our idea out, we hired model Raluca, an Eastern European beauty, to wear some of Carole's incredible flower creations, blended with Ashley's hair and make-up artistry. I'll soon post more from the shoot on our boudoir website, but until then... take a peek. : )

These pictures were made on location at A Garden of Earthly Delights Floral Design Studio in Paradise, MD. Raluca's wrap is a vintage Spanish shaw provided by Carole for the shoot, and her blue bra was from her own collection.

We are excited to offer the Flower Goddess shoot to all girls.
Now it's time to reach into your soul and let your true beauty blossom.

See you in the boudoir ~ Rissa

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