Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Rissa is right on the money with this. I have to introduce the former post as the Greatest Groom's Gift Ever Created!

Everywhere I look in magazines and on blogs and websites, people say cufflinks are the best gift for a groom. That I'm not so sure about. I attend a lot of weddings and own about ten pairs of cufflinks myself. No guy ever stops me and says "Cool cufflinks man, where did you find those?!" What I am sure about is that grooms LOVE boudoir pictures of their lady!

It's hard to find cool cufflinks to begin with. Most of them are totally boring and if your man doesn't have a pair before you get married, he probably doesn't need them anyway. A watch is nice but somewhat impersonal compared to a Fantasy Book of boudoir pictures featuring his lady! We've seen engraved keychains, too. Which are nice... but I know your man would rather have a Fantasy Book than a Tiffany's keychain with his initials.

We were at a wedding two weeks ago and the bride told us that sometimes her husband will pull up the website and leave it running for her to see! Wink* Wink*

Another groom we were meeting with in our studio got a funny look from his bride when he recognized the music we were playing and mentioned it as being on our wedding website. Hee Hee. His face was a bit red when we said "Nooooo, but it is on our boudoir site!"

I am always there when a groom opens up his gift and I usually don't photograph it because he isn't excited and the pictures would show it. Generally, grooms seem to think cufflinks are pretty anti-climatic. Especially when he has bought you a pair of diamond earrings or some other gift you will truly love.

I am not usually there when a groom opens his gift and finds a Fantasy Book, but those guys typically smile alot more whilst getting ready for their wedding! They always mention how much they loved it or stop to thank Rissa during the day.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that your guy would love for you to do this!
Why not mention it and have him eating out of the palm of your hand already?!

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