Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman...

Sometimes the trickiest thing about getting professional promo photographs done is knowing what to do with them later. After all, how do you really go about promoting yourself?

There's social media, of course - like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram. And you can set up a personal website. What next, though? Because most likely, the folks who "friend" you on your social media already know you. You need to drive new people to those pages, make new connections. You need another way to show off your range, talent or product.

Many of our clients have had incredible success going the old fashioned route: postcards. There's a wonderful nostalgia and classiness to a paper postcard. It brings back memories of childhood vacations and greetings from family and friends.

Postcards can be an announcement, a thank-you or an introduction. There's nothing like a handwritten note to truly say you have invested time and care. Postcards imply a personal connection more than an email, Facebook post or Tweet ever could.

 Any mood can be created with a custom postcard mailer. You can say "Serious business person" ...

Or "Talented artist creating beautiful pieces of eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind jewelry"...

Or  "Fun, professional model with range to do lots of castings" ...

Or even "Delicious, handcrafted chocolates, perfect to make your loved one smile on Valentine's Day."

We love when we see our clients put their images to work for them. And we love creating, simple, classic postcards to help achieve their goals. Our in-house graphic designer makes all of balance's postcard designs from scratch, based on the needs and wants of the client.

Cards are then printed in batches of 100 or 500 on 100% recycled stock with vegetable inks to keep the carbon footprint of such a paper product in-check. The backs are blank, so cards can be mailed with personal messages or used at auditions, networking events, expos or any other business situation.

Sitting there thinking about your own headshots or promo/product shots? Get them out in the world! Gorgeous, custom and eco-friendly postcards are a terrific way to announce that you are ready to go!

~ Rissa

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C. Michael Miller said...

Great post!

Interesting take on what to do with the shots you just spent a bunch of $$$ on other than the web.