Thursday, January 3, 2013

Starting 2013... with Flowers

Everyone can enjoy flowers, especially in the middle of winter, when the world is gray outside and the only color nature has to offer is maybe white snow. We love flowers. And we're proud to share that two of our flower images have recently been published in national bridal magazine, Eco-Beautiful Weddings.

On pages 50 and 51, two of our 2013 bouquets got some ink. First, on page 50, bride Beth's bouquet from June; it was created by Intrigue Designs in Annapolis. The eco-feature everyone loved best was the set of heirloom brooches included with the blooms.

On page, 51, a full sheet of the magazine was devoted to the exotic, earthy bouquet done for Udara in October by Local Color Flowers. Each flower was locally grown - lessening the carbon footprint of this bouquet. It was also designed to dry well, so it could be enjoyed for years to come.

Both the brides and designers - as well as balance -  are delighted to be part of this exciting publication. Eco-Beautiful Weddings is devoted to showing brides that weddings can be green and stylish.

Thanks Eco-Beautiful! We're thrilled to be part of the magazine!

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