Monday, July 9, 2012

Wine & Greyhounds Make the Scene

We adore hounds. We adore hounding events, like Grapehounds. In fact, we've been the official photographers for Grapehounds since the event started 7 years ago. The organizer, a great guy named Larry, really puts this heart and soul into planning the event each year. And finally a national publication has given Larry some much-deserved ink.

 CG Magazine, aka Celebrating Greyhounds, is a quarterly magazine that is all about - well- greyhounds! They cover topics like pet health, racing issues, traveling with you dog and fun places to go on vacation with your dog. You know, like Grapehounds.

Larry wrote a story that was featured in the latest issue of CG on the topic of organizing your own wine-tasting fundraising event. And the magazine used some candids we've shot at Grapehounds over the years, too!

We have been so happy to be such a big part of this stellar event year after year. Grapehounds is great fun - I mean, what's not to love about a few hundred cute hounds dogs, a gorgeous mountain-side lake location and tasty wine?!?

Congrats, Larry, on the national article - and the fab, successful hounding event! We can't wait to attend this year! 

Interested in going? Grapehounds NY is on Lake Seneca, July 26-27-28-29 this year. Attendees get a wine glass and passes to taste at several vineyards. Visit the official website for details!
~ Rissa

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