Saturday, March 20, 2010

Up in the Air

It's spring at last. Seeing the town almost seem to stretch and wake up is one of the best parts of the year. Trees have tightly rolled green buds, daffodils are opening up. All those mountains of gray, mucky snow from January and February are finally gone (almost). And we're so excited to see the world come alive again!

If you happen to be walking around downtown Catonsville, enjoying the warmer weather, look up in the air. You'll see us - well, sort of.

There are banners waving proudly all up & down the "Main Street" part of Frederick Rd. in Catonsville - with photos by balance on them! And the pictures are quite delicious, if we say so ourselves.

You can see fresh produce, flowers and more from the Catonsville Farmer's Market, which happens from May to November - and this year will be held on Sunday (starting May 16th) and Wednesday (starting May 5th) each week! Be sure to make room in your schedule to stop by the market and check out all the fabulous local veggies, fruits, plants, cheeses, meats and more. During the summer months, we barely shop at the supermarket - the farmer's market has just about everything you need!

The rest of the images are dishes and goodies from the Taste of Catonsville event, which will be happening this year on April 19, from 5pm to 7:30pm at the Rolling Road Golf Club, 814 Hilltop Rd in Catonsville. At the Taste of Catonsville, local chefs and eateries show off their finest to attendees ~ and they kick off the annual Restaurant Week Celebration in Catonsville.

Signs with balance's photos span several blocks of Frederick Rd., showing off goods from the Catonsville Farmer's Market as well as the delicacies offered by local eateries at the Taste of Catonsville event.

Delectable pastries from Sugarbakers.

Fresh mums from the Catonsville Farmer's Market are on a banner outside of the new Atwater's location.

A tasty squash adorns this banner posted at the corner of Frederick Rd & Bloomsbury Ave., just outside of El Nayar.

We love spring walks around Catonsville, too. Not just because the town is full of giant banners of our company's pictures, all with our studio's name on them. That doesn't hurt, of course - we love seeing them. But we love spring too! It's great, getting out and about with our hound dog, Lochrima, and feeling the air get warm again.

Lochrima and Nathaniel

So come take a walk around Catonsville. Enjoy the spring flowers, stop in for lunch at one of the town's many yummy restaurants. And when you look up, look for balance.

~ Rissa


Rachel said...

Very nice - photos look warm and inviting!

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