Friday, May 1, 2009

Midnight in the Garden of Rissa & Nathaniel

Working extremely long hours is not unusual around here. We spend hours & hours doing Photoshop work for clients, creating albums and books, answering emails and more at the office. Leaving at midnight (or later!) to go home is common.

Last night we were coming in the front door from another late night of work and noticed that several of our outdoor lights had burned out at the same time ~ leaving only one bulb lit. At first it was like "Geez, all at once?" But what magic... That single light illuminated Nathaniel's flower garden in a way I had never seen when all the lights were filling the air. It was a dreamscape.

The daffodils, tulips, bleeding hearts, azaleas and ranunculus transformed into sensual works of modern art in the dim light. Their structure, their grace was balanced beautifully with the darkness. Hints of blossoming color cloaked in the depth of midnight.

Like the eccentric I am, I sat up a camera on timer release - first propped on a trash can, then more successfully (and safely) on Nathaniel's tripod. It only occurred to me about 15 minutes into shooting that this was an unusual time for pictures. Wonder what the neighbors thought of the midnight photo shoot going on in the front yard.

In the end tho, I honestly don't care if the folks on my block think I am a little unusual. I got an incredible show ~ nature at her finest. You just never know what ethereal secrets may unfold before you, or what the darkness might reveal.

~ Rissa

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