Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Making Dreams Come True

There are people who like to vacation, and those who yearn to travel. Travelers love to delve into a new culture for the first time; to see new light at sunrise on the horizon, to taste new flavors, to exlpore the fabric of a society that makes up its individuality. To get lost in a place and a people, and embrace the unfamiliar.

I knew I was a traveler even at a young age. My parents took my brother and I on many vacations: together we explored over half of America as well as Canada, England, Scotland, France, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa. At 17 I experienced my first solo adventure ~ a 60 mile canoe trip in Canada. There is nothing I love more than going to a new place for the first time. You see things differently in this first visit than you ever will again. No matter how many times you go back, it will never be like that first exploration. You truly see the place with new eyes, so to speak. And for more than a decade, it has been my dream to both travel and make pictures of the places I go.

Being a photographer marries perfectly with my dreams of travel. This year I have been lucky enough to travel or am going to travel all over the world. And I'm also lucky because now I can share some of it with you. I'm launching my first online gallery of fine art prints for sale. Hosted by two of our favorite companies, and Facebook! The site will be available only for the next four months at which time it will be replaced with an new online gallery from another locale.

Traveling renews my spirit and gives me an appreciation for both my destination and the familiarity of home. I hope you enjoy stepping off the beaten path as you explore my pictures from Costa Rica and can experience some of the magic of the rainforest for yourself.

Thanks for sharing in my dream --

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